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Carbon fiber fishing rod

Carbon fiber fishing rod
Product Detailed
Carbon fiber fishing rod has good elasticity, cheap price, not afraid of the sun and rain ( because it is a solid, durable ).

Carbon fiber fishing rod 

Fishing rod pole in hand, sea fishing rod, hand sea dual-purpose rod three. Sea fishing rod length is about 1.6 meters - 2.4 meters, have longer. The rod has good elasticity, cheap price, not afraid of the sun and rain ( because it is a solid, durable ). It is not only used for fishing, also widely used in freshwater fish. Because the sea rod has good elasticity, can use the elastic hook can be thrown away, fishing out how to catch fish, how to throw to reach the goal. The utility model is mainly used for pond fish and streams, lakes, reservoirs also apply. Purchase selection is the main standard: a straight; two to be in prison; three good elasticity. Especially the rod tip portion, which are elastic and toughness, tensile force and deformation for the superior; four to light; fifth, easy to carry. Hand sea dual-purpose rod : a comprehensive sea rod and hand characteristics, mainly used for hand fishing, when the fish through the discharge line to the buffer and the role of labor saving, no occurrence of disconnection and escape the situation of fish. With this hand sea dual-purpose rod floating fishing its effect is very good.

1 fiberglass fishing rods

Also known as the glass rod, glass fiber resin rods. It is made of glass fiber satin fabric, the bath by epoxy resin, formaldehyde resin, curing molding ( hollow tube or solid rod body ), has good toughness and elasticity, is a fishing rod production to modern synthetic materials, factory production of the first generation products. Fiberglass fishing rod has good insulation. Fishing rod after forming is not coated make grand gestures, body color yellow, brown. At present domestic and national and regional production of fishing rod, some in the bath liquid resin adding black carbon powder, hand with carbon fiber cloth ( black ) mixture forming, obtain consistent color; on the other hand, some production enterprises with black glass fiber cloth as carbon fiber or the carbon fishing rod.

The 2 inserting type fishing rod

Also known as the type fishing rod. Is composed of several sections of rod are inserted into the fishing rod. Divided into solid plug-and-socket rod and a hollow connecting rod two. Hollow plug-and-socket rod rod can be respectively loaded in the bottom section and at the end of the two section of the rod body. In Europe and the United States popular use of plug-in type fishing rod. Senior crucian carp fishing rod also by splicing combination. Its characteristic is the joints, rod force of good overall performance

3 pull type fishing rod

Also known as the " covenant" type fishing rod, vibration type fishing rod. Pull type fishing rod is a hollow rod, a number of fishing rod can be hidden in the bottom of the rod handle shrinkage tube. Characteristics of convenient carrying, but often not solid plug-in rod.

4 sea rod

In our country will make grand gestures with fishing rod reel, wire guide hole, can be put on the line, wire rods called sea rod. In some regions, also known as the cast rod, cast. Sea fishing rod with far left line extending fishing spots and according to the amount of bobbin thread free line, line collecting function. The actual according to this feature to distinguish, sea fishing rod is divided again for boat rod, rock Isogo pole, beach fishing rod, snapper, trout rod and other categories of staff. Its length is generally 1.6 meters, 1.8 meters, 2.1 meters, 2.4 meters, 2.7 meters, 3 meters, 3.3 meters, 3.6 meters, 3.9 meters, 4.2 meters, 4.5 meters, 4.8 meters, 5.4 meters, 6.3 meters, 7.2 meters

5 carbon fiber rod

Also known as the carbon rod, is the use of high-tech carbon dimension material made of. Having electrically conductive ( omega cm -- 1.5 x 10-3 ) and very good tensile strength ( such as the 12000 filament number calculation unit, the tensile strength of kg / mm2 -- 400). Most of the current carbon fiber rod is used without spindle spinning carbon fiber cloth in the longitudinal direction Zheng tube, dipping resin curing process. For the fishing rod production of carbon fiber content, directly determine the value and quality of fishing rod. General carbon content is 30%, 90%. Carbon fiber manufacturing fishing rod with light, solid, high tensile strength characteristics, but in the use of special attention should be paid to prevent electric.

Carbon fiber fishing rod

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